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A nocturnal 'Hello'!!

A Guestbook page is now available if you would like to leave a comment or request about anything on the website.

It has been a very busy week with A Level and GCSE Recitals, concert rehearsals and my birthday!!! It really was the first day of Spring, and we had a lovely walk by the Thames at Battersea and saw the wonderful Albert Bridge in all it's newly-painted glory. CW took some pics, so will have to nag him for the views to make a card.

The garden is in full swing now, with lovely anemone blanda in shades of purple and lilac, interspersed with the heads of hyacinths pushing up through the ground. The daffodils always seem to recover from the frost amazingly, as do the hellebores. I have some interesting self-sown seedlings this year with stripey pink and white petals. Have loads of plans for the website and can't wait for the holidays to get going on some new designs; had a scrummy delivery of new paper and card this morning!!!  It's always like Christmas when you unpack the box, and the colours and textures instantly suggest combinations for cards.

Am planning to run occasional tutorials on elements of design and colour theory if anyone is interested; it is a bit strange feeling that I am talking to myself, so do post a comment it you would be interested in how I go about designing cards for Noteworthy.



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