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Creative Cachet

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CREATIVE ; the invention or origination of any new thing, product, artwork, solution etc., that has value; artistic expression, improvisation

CACHET;  prestige, reputation, impression

CACHE; treasure trove, a place where items are stored, hoarding 


Who am I? My name is Hilary Dilnot. I am a piano teacher and church organist. I trained as a knitwear designer and made floaty knitted dresses and tailored knitted suits. I loved the challenge of moulding something soft and pliable into a fabric which could be tailored. I loved playing with different coloured yarns of all textures, of making something out of a thin strand into a stylish and elegant garment. We are talking 30 years ago! When machine knitting was all the rage. I gave tuition in design and sold designs to womens magazines. Sounds glamorous; in fact it was hard slog and like all artisan crafts, difficult to charge for the hours of work the finished garment required.

So what now? The need to 'create' never goes away. It is a hunger to express oneself, to make something out of nothing, to explore what happens if I do this? It falls like a blanket over everything I do in life, the choices I make, my garden, my clothes, the books I read and re-read, the music I play and the composers I love. This blog is attached to my website, Noteworthy Cards, which gives me an outlet for creating things without taking up TOO much space...(see CACHE above!) but it can become all-consuming, and takes over the dining room table, and a bedroom, or two, and stops me from tackling all the mundane chores. But when someone buys a card, they are saying , in essence, I like what you do; I connect with what you are trying to say. That, of course, is one helluva ego boost. In my experience, many creative people need massive doses of ego-massage, but we set ourselves up for rejection, simply by displaying our wares!

So what of this blog? Maybe you share my passion for elegant plants, or making stylish bouquets. Maybe you also happen to think Yves Saint Laurent was one of the greatest fashion designers. Maybe you have a burning need to create something individual. Perhaps you're just curious! I hope it will be a source of inspiration, a store of information, an insight into my world. Thank you for visiting!  Hx





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